How Hayley’s making Sunderland wilder

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Wild Sea Women has brought women together from all walks of life. New friendships have been made and the support everyone brings to the community is amazing.

Hayley Dorian set up Wild Sea Women in Seaburn to lift spirits and help people take control of their mind and their life. It starts with a guided breathing meditation on the beach, and ends with a breathtaking dunk in the sea. “It doesn’t matter how we’re feeling before we go into the sea,” says Hayley, “we come out feeling uplifted, happier and very much alive.”


The nippy North Sea

The reliably chilly temperatures of the North Sea is a vital part of the experience. Cold water therapy is thought to have many different health benefits, including strengthening the immune system, deepening sleep, improving circulation, boosting energy levels, and elevating your mood. As Hayley says, “My mind isn’t thinking about anything else when I go into the sea, all I can think about is how cold it is.”

The twin beaches at Roker and Seaburn have long been a favourite spot for residents and visitors. As well as being a beautiful place to unwind or get active, you’re never far away from good food, entertainment, and of course – ice cream.


“By the time we leave, our spirits are lifted and we go home smiling.”


Bringing women together

For Hayley, the pandemic and the isolation that came with it, had an effect on people’s mental health and only intensified the loneliness felt by some. Her aim was to bring women together to discover the many benefits of the sea as well as providing an opportunity to meet with other like-minded women. “There’s nothing as beautiful as hearing everyone laugh when they’re in the sea, trying to avoid the big waves so they don’t get their hair wet – impossible. It makes me feel proud that so many women come along on their own feeling nervous, yet they show up anyway and face their fears head on. I think this is amazing.”


A gorgeous coastline

When you’ve lived in Sunderland your whole life, or even for just a few years, it’s easy to start taking its beautiful coastline for granted. As Hayley says, “I’m pretty sure everyone who goes into the sea now realises just how lucky we actually are to have this gorgeous coastline on our doorstep.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you’re interested in joining Hayley’s group, and making Sunderland a little wilder, head over to her website at to find out more.


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