How Rebecca's Making Sunderland Thrive

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Rebecca Taylor’s floristry business, Under The Ivy, is a colourful addition to the region’s independent business scene – providing craft days, skills sessions and of course, gorgeous bouquets. Through hosting her events she began to meet other female entrepreneurs, and in 2022, founded the #BABESINBIZZ networking group.

Finding your people 

Along with co-founders, Flamingo Cafe owner, Hannah Jackson-Harrison and North East Female Empowerment’s Charlotte Falloon, the group share vital business and marketing skills, whilst empowering and connecting female entrepreneurs across the region. As Rebecca puts it, “We’re showcasing the women and small businesses that make the North East magical.” 

Their most recent meet-up was in March 2023, marking International Women’s Day. They expected around 15 people to attend, but were blown away by the response. “60 women arrived – from all walks of life, with all kinds of ideas.” Rebecca explains, “It was just a brilliant feeling and we realised this could be a really powerful way for us to support each other.” 


“At an event at Pop Recs, there were 150 people – it feels like a movement that’s growing.” 


Shared experiences 

Rebecca and her colleagues enjoy the sense of solidarity and belonging that their group brings – as well the practical tips and advice shared. “Setting up a business is never easy,” says Rebecca, “it can be a lonely experience, especially at the start. I work from my converted shed, so being able to connect with like-minded people is wonderful and really important.” 


Growing together 

These incredible women are keen to expand their offering, keeping in line with what their members want, and alongside the growth of the region’s independent business scene. “Over the past year we’ve heard so many fantastic business ideas, seen so many projects develop and found a lot of friends,” says Rebecca. 

Rebecca wants to make sure this offering is one that stays firmly in this space. “If I do open premises, it’ll be in Sunderland. I love it here,” she explains, “there’s a real buzz around the region and the pace of change has been so fast, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few years bring.” 


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