How Sophie's Making Sunderland Stronger

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Sophie Lamb Sports Therapy is expanding Sunderland’s treatment scene. Providing specialist massage, acupuncture and rehab services to the people of Sunderland.

Sophie launched the fast-growing practice earlier this year and has hit the ground running, working with a wide range of clients at her hub in Gildacre Fields. “I love making a difference to people and their health – it’s so rewarding,” says Sophie. “Being able to do it here, in my home city, is a dream come true.” 


Made in Sunderland 

Sophie’s expertise is the product of years of learning in some of the region’s best-known centres of excellence. After studying Sports Science at Sunderland University, she went on to qualify in Sports Massage at Sunderland College, before completing a master’s degree in Sports Rehabilitation at Teesside University. “The region trained me,” Sophie explains, “I feel very lucky to have gained such a wide range of skills and qualifications here in the North East.” 


“As a place to set up a business, Sunderland was it for me. I never thought about going anywhere else, I always wanted to be here.” 


Future thinking 

Having worked with Hartlepool FC and two local practices, Sophie was ready to launch a business in her own name. When suitable premises became free, she jumped at the chance to give it a go. “It was too good an opportunity to miss.” It was affordable, had great parking and transport links, and it meant she could take that next step in her business. 

Sophie now has her sights set on expanding her practice, hoping to set up a therapy centre, gym and more specialist rehab services. She explains, “There’s such a growing need for what I do. It feels good to help people at what might be the trickiest time of their lives.” 


Sharing success 

With a market that has plenty of potential to grow, Sophie wants to invest in Sunderland’s future and give back to the community, making sure there’s even more opportunities available. “I’d like to offer placements to students at colleges and the university, providing a training academy with formally accredited courses so people don’t have to leave the region once they qualify.” Sophie also encourages others to create opportunities in Sunderland. “Success means offering chances to others and helping the region grow.” 


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