How Mike’s making Sunderland braver

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Adventure Sunderland is about boosting confidence and conquering fears. They give people the opportunity to face things they may never have thought possible.

With over 25 years of experience in the outdoor activity industry, Mike Clapham is the Centre Manager at Adventure Sunderland in Roker. The charity promotes physical and mental well-being through various affordable activities, and “gives people the skills and encouragement to challenge themselves and overcome fears.” And as Mike earnestly believes, “everyone should have that opportunity.”


Overcoming self-doubt

From indoor climbing to coasteering, Adventure Sunderland has helped thousands of people of all ages build confidence, self-belief, and have the chance to do something they wouldn’t usually do. As Mike says, “It’s all about that moment when their mental state goes from ‘I cannot do this!’ to ‘I can do it!’” That’s what makes what they do so incredible.

Adventure Sunderland is just one of the many ways you can enjoy exciting sport and leisure activities in our region. With beautiful Blue Flag beaches, acres of green spaces, and loads of indoor sporting activities available too, there really is something for everyone in Sunderland.


“The emotions and memories we create will last a lifetime.”


Championing the next generation

Often working with schools and youth groups, Adventure Sunderland provides a fun and safe learning environment, allowing young people in Sunderland to be active and learn outside of the classroom. As Mike says, “There’s nothing more rewarding than watching young people grow and develop. The emotions and memories we create during the activities will last a lifetime.”


What’s next?

“We’d love to see more people out and about”, says Mike, “becoming more active, and rediscovering the joys and benefits of exercise.” It’s also a big ambition of the charity to help inspire the people of Sunderland to look after their coastlines. They hope to keep encouraging exploration, curiosity, and respect for the spectacular environment around us.


If you would like to take the plunge at Adventure Sunderland with Mike, and make Sunderland all the more braver, visit their website at to find out more. 


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