We All Make Sunderland

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This International Women's Day we’re honouring the diverse voices and achievements of women shaping our city.



Meet Hayley, who is empowering women to embrace the healing power of the sea. Through guided meditation and invigorating sea dips, Hayley fosters a supportive community where laughter and connection thrive proving that Sunderland's coastline is not just a backdrop but a source of rejuvenation for mind, body, and soul.

Then there's Mahnur, whose dedication to fostering connections within Sunderland creates a vibrant tapestry of inclusivity. Her initiatives through Young Asian Voices bridge cultures, bringing people together in celebration of Sunderland’s vibrant diversity.

Rebecca, the creative force behind Under The Ivy, isn't just crafting beautiful bouquets; she's cultivating a community of female entrepreneurs in Sunderland. Through #BABESINBIZZ, Rebecca and her co-founders empower women, share valuable skills, and foster connections, making Sunderland a hub for innovation and collaboration.

And let's not forget Laura, whose advocacy amplifies voices through the Next Steps programme, a transformative initiative amplifying young musical talent in Sunderland. With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, Next Steps is paving the way for young artists across the city.

Together, these remarkable women embody the spirit of inclusivity, collaboration, and progress, making Sunderland a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Join us as we celebrate their contributions and the countless other women making a difference in our community. Click here to hear their stories. 

Happy International Women's Day!